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Who We Are

Ginsburg Financial Advisors, Inc. (“GFA”) is a deep and experienced financial advisory firm providing tailored guidance and an exceptional experience to a select group individuals, families, and business owners both locally and around the country. Our mission is help our clients live better lives and worry less by leveraging our experience, depth of expertise, and passion for service while assisting them in making smart financial decisions consistent with their vision of success.

Our Mission

When we state in our mission that we want our clients to live better lives and to worry less, this means that we think about our daily activities in a way that is completely focused on the best interest of our client. These daily activities include:

  • Every decision we make in support of our clients whether they are present or not.
  • Every interaction we have with each other, our vendors, and our clients.
  • Every idea that we generate and action that we take.

Fiduciary Relationship

Our clients take comfort in knowing we have a fiduciary relationship with them and that we will act in their best interest at all times.

Each of our financial advisors is a CFP® professional, which means we are held to the highest standard for competency and ethics when providing financial advice. We are not compromised in our ability to provide prudent financial planning and investment management counsel, and our clients trust that we take great care in ensuring their best interests always come first.

Our Standard of Care

As stated in our mission, the reason every single member of the Ginsburg Financial Advisors’ team wakes up in the morning: To help our clients live better lives and worry less.

To successfully execute on a world-class standard of care and develop a mutually rewarding relationship, we must agree to the following behavior-based commitments:

On our end, we will:

  • Act with integrity, honesty and openness in everything we do for and with you.
  • Absolutely respect the confidentiality of our working relationship.
  • Commit ourselves to the highest standards of accessibility and responsiveness.
  • Remain open to your feedback and be flexible to your needs.

In return, we ask that our clients are:

  • Open, frank, and honest with us at all times.
  • Prompt in providing us with complete, accurate, and orderly data we need to properly advise them.
  • Open to any advice we may offer (we acknowledge your right to reject that advice).
  • Open to following through on any commitments that are agreed upon.

In addition, it is critically important to us that our clients understand the following:

We are ready to help and always strive to deliver “something more” >>

When there is a financial decision to be made, we want our clients’ first phone call (or email message) to be with us. Whether it is helping a client determine a fair price for a car purchase, assisting clients with the purchase or sale of real estate (in collaboration with their real estate professionals), negotiating a client’s employment contract or separation agreement, or helping derive a value for a client’s company, we want to ensure our clients make smart financial decisions.

Our service model is to give clients what they request, so long as it is fair and reasonable, and to offer something more. We take the time to get to know our clients and what is important to them so that we can respond to their inquiries in a thoughtful manner. We respond to clients’ specific questions, and then provide answers to questions the client might want to ask if they knew to ask such questions.

There are no foolish questions >>

Each of our staff is trained to understand and demonstrate our guiding principles when interacting with our clients. We are committed to giving clients the information they need to make smart financial decisions so they can live better lives and worry less. Our clients know there are no foolish questions and we make every effort to provide answers that result in increased understanding and clarity.

How we approach clients when they want to do something that is not “right” for them? >>

If our clients make good decisions, we will support them. If our clients make poor decisions, we will recommend additional discussion to assist them in making and implementing effective choices. If a client wants us to execute any decision that we determine is not in their best interest, we will terminate our advisory relationship so they can choose to implement these decisions elsewhere. Our job is to promote smart financial decision making to enhance the quality of our clients’ lives. Doing so requires that we do not “support” unsuitable thinking or decision-making.

We encourage clients to make us aware of decisions they are considering so we can provide feedback, and if necessary, collaborate with other professionals. This process ensures clients make efficient and effective decisions and helps avoid situations that could adversely impact a client’s financial needs and goals. It is frustrating to us when a client tells us they have taken an action that we know was not in their best interest.

Who We Serve

We work with a select number of individuals, families, and business owners both locally and around the country. By carefully using the word “select,” we mean that for us to work successfully together and have a mutually rewarding relationship, we have to select our clients, and they have to select us. While our services can benefit just about anyone who is in need of financial guidance, we have found that our “ideal” clients share the following characteristics:

  • They are genuinely nice, communicate and interact easily, and have a sense of humor.
  • They recognize there are issues, challenges, and complexities that wealth of any size can create.
  • They are busy and do not have the time or inclination to manage their wealth or establish and maintain a pathway to achieving their financial goals.
  • They value professional advice and the benefits of delegating certain financial decisions so that they can focus on doing more of what they love.
  • They have a specific, time-sensitive need.
  • They have $1mm or more in investable assets.


During the mid-1970s, Larry Ginsburg worked in a variety of high level marketing and finance positions for several successful Fortune 500 corporations. As an equipment leasing broker at one of these companies, Larry became aware of his friends’ and business owner clients’ dissatisfaction with the level of financial and investment advice provided by their stockbrokers. This advice tended to be narrow in scope and focused on providing clients with the next best “deal,” rather than taking into consideration a client’s broader needs and financial goals. This void in financial advice was the driving force behind Larry’s desire to become a financial advisor.

In 1981, Larry made the decision to enter the burgeoning financial planning industry. Larry initially worked as an independent financial advisor with a securities firm, then in 1985, after interviewing more than 100 firms, Larry joined Associated Financial Group (“AFG”). AFG was not only owned by its financial planners, but the firm’s focus on building strong relationships with its clients was fully aligned with Larry’s values. Within a short period of time Larry became one of the 130 owners and went on to serve on the board of directors for seven years. This firm was acquired by Pacific Life Insurance Company in 1997 and ultimately became a division of LPL Financial in 2007.

In 2007, Larry established Ginsburg Financial Advisors, Inc. (“GFA”), a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). At the same time Larry and many of his colleagues from AFG joined with a much larger broker dealer organization, the predecessor to Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (“CAN”), GFA’s affiliated broker dealer. Larry is a Branch Manager and Regional Director within CAN with responsibility for 20 offices in addition to his own branch office.

Like many of his professional peers, in the early 1990’s Larry began the transition from compensation through transactions or commission, to being compensated primarily by fees. Clients were now able to acquire investments without paying commission. “We were able to provide enhanced service now that we were compensated for regularly reviewing and monitoring client portfolios. Along with the use of tactical asset allocation (reducing concentration in market sectors that we perceived had become overvalued; adding concentration to those sectors that we determined are undervalued), our new approach to portfolio management allowed our clients to be better served than before when we were compensated by commission solely for executing transactions. We were now able to use the best potential choice in each sector where we wanted to allocate client investment capital. We eventually restricted our service to this fee-based asset management, supported by the financial planning process, as it became clear that this structure of helping clients manage their custom-tailored portfolios had far superior ability to minimize risk and expand opportunity for better results.

As staff was added to support the growth of the business and Larry’s desire to enhance the level of client service, it was important to reinforce that all of the staff understood and reflected the service model, which is to respond to any client requests professionally, and to give the clients what they expected, and if possible, always something more. Larry wanted to do more than make money for clients…“Recognizing that money is an anxiety-producing topic for many clients, I became increasingly aware that the more attention I paid to the psychological concerns of my clients, addressing those as well as their financial concerns, the more pleased clients became with our service.”

Larry related that “My work continued to migrate more toward emotional and psychological components. It was clear that the more we could help our clients eliminate the fear and worry they had about not being successful financially, the easier it would be to encourage them to think about accomplishing more of what might be important to them in their lives. This revelation enabled me to appreciate that I was really in the ‘Anxiety Reduction Business,’ not just the financial planning and investment management business. As I began to communicate this to clients, I noticed many of them blossomed after accepting that our process of delivering on our promise to help them reduce their anxiety could actually free up time and energy to devote to living lives more full with meaning.”

The privilege of working with clients who appreciate our services and with colleagues in our office makes being part of our business extremely rewarding. At Ginsburg Financial Advisors, our Registered Investment Advisor as well as through our affiliated broker dealer, Cetera Advisor Networks, the firm who facilitates the purchase and sale of investment securities, all staff members are concerned about the health and well-being of every one of our clients.

Today we have seven professionals in our office providing service to our clients. Each one has the same level of commitment to quality and service on which our company success was developed. We take great satisfaction in knowing that our service assists our clients in more fully enjoying their lives.